2.7 City on the Edge of Forever


City on the Edge of Forever

Aired: June 17, 1998

This is the final episode of the VHS Classic core four. This episode always sticks out in my mind for a few reasons. I remember my Science Fiction teacher telling me about a book that was either written to be a Star Trek episode or the episode led to the creation of the book. Either way, she wanted me to read this book because she new my brother loved Star Trek… I hated reading and wasn’t much of a Trekkie, but I did know there was a South Park episode with the same title. A month or so later she suffered a stroke or something and we never saw her again. To this day I still have no idea what happened to her, but I didn’t have to read the book. Now that’s what I call, a sticky situation.

My favorite thing about this episode is the way they recall so many events from the series in such a short time and manage to get them all wrong somehow. This episode was my guide to a lot of the early South Park universe events, even though they weren’t completely accurate. For example, we all know that Scuzzlebutt’s leg is made of Patrick Duffy, but in this episode they remember it as being Brent Musberger. Which was hilarious 23 years ago, and is still hilarious now.

Ms. Crabtree get’s her feature episode. We didn’t know we needed this, but we did. This episode is also how I learned what roofies are. Thanks South Park! I know as I watch this I’m going to have several memories come flooding back to me and I can’t wait.

Further research shows that we get three celebrity guest appearances in this episode. The aforementioned Brent Musberger, Jay Leno, and Henry Winkler. I’ve waited long enough, I’m watching the episode.

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City on the Edge of Forever

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 31.2 16/20

Matt – 30.1 16/20

Composite – Current Rank: 30.65 17/20

Matt’s Review

This episode leads off with the boys on the bus making fun of Cartman for eating an entire cake and then noticing the roads are very snowy. Mrs. Crabtree threatens to kill a bunny if the students on the bus don’t quiet down. She proceeds to take the detour, which looks very risky. She drives the bus off the cliff and into a river then down a waterfall. The bus then gets stuck on the edge of another cliff. Mrs. Crabtree must watch a video on what to do when stranded. She tells the children they cannot get off the bus or a big scary monster will eat them, she goes out to find help. She gets picked up by a truck driver, Marcus, who thinks he is picking her up…picking her up. Mrs. Crabtree takes a roofie thinking it is asprin. The boys have a flashback about what happend when the aliens came and captured Ike, but it was a tad off. Mrs. Crabtree has Marcus stop at a comedy club they drive by. She starts telling everyone to “Shut up and sit down” and they love her. One of the students decides to get off of the bus. He gets eaten by the “Big Scary Monster”. The boys parents start to realize they are all missing. Mrs. Crabtree gets recruited and paid by the comedic company in Denver. She then realizes she forgot something. The boys start to discuss how long they have been on the bus and what the monster could be. They have a flashback to their encounter with Scuzzlebutt at the volcano, which was also a bit off. Cartman suggests the monster could be Mr. Garrison based on how he went crazy at one point and tried to kill Kathy Lee Gifford. Mrs. Crabtree ends up going on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Mr. Mackey suggests to all of the parents that all of the students have ran away. All of the parents cover the town with signs of their missing children…including Macaulay Culkin. The students continue to discuss what the monster could be and they have a flashback of Death chasing after the boys, except it is a bit off. The monster then tears into the top of the bus and takes Kenny away. Mrs. Crabtree makes everyone laugh like crazy on The Tonight Show and then decides to “Give it up” because “Success is hollow like a dead tree.” Cartman then has a fake flashback to Fonzee jumping all of the buses on his motorcycle, but it was a tad off. The boys call him out on it not being true. The bus begins to tip off the cliff. The students transfer their weight to keep it on the cliff. The boys turn on the TV in the bus and see the news of all the parents searching for their children. All of the parents then start singing to try and get their kids to “come home”. Cartman has a flashback to finding out who is dad is. Except he recalls it as being John Elway. At this point, the bus falls into a giant bucket of ice cream. Cartman then wakes up from this dream and eats beetles with his mom. This causes Stan to wake up and find out it was all his dream. Weird stuff.

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