1.11 Tom’s Rhinoplasty


Tom’s Rhinoplasty

Aired: February 11, 1998

The surprise last week of finding an episode I’d never seen before was exciting. I’m pretty sure I am going to experience that again. I have almost no memory of this episode outside of knowing that we are going to see David Hasselhoff’s face. I look forward to seeing this for the first time.

My research shows that this episode doesn’t have a lot of extra around it. Natasha Henstridge makes the first celebrity guest appearance in series history as Ms. Ellen. Matt and Trey were unhappy with how this episode turned out and were surprised that the fans like it. This must be where they began to learn they could do basically anything and people would be happy.

Watching at home? Make your own score sheet for yourself at home by using our template here.

Watching at home? Make your own score sheet for yourself at home by using our template here.

Character Score (Out of 3)

Stan – Composite: 2.45

Drew – 2.5: Stan is at the center of this episode as his love for Wendy is challenged by the presence of Ms. Ellen

Matt – 2.4: Very involved with the main storyline between him and Ms. Ellen

Cartman – Composite: 2.2

Drew – 2.3: Cartman tries to become a lesbian and hilarity ensues

Matt – 2.1: Chocolate pie “left it at home”, licking carpet, eating box

Kyle – Composite: 1.3

Drew – 1.6: I liked Kyle in this episode even though he didn’t have any particularly strong roles.

Matt – 1: Had very little involvement

Kenny – Composite: 2.35

Drew – 2.2: Kenny mumbles several things that are well timed

Matt – 2.5: Had multiple funny “comments” couldn’t quite make them out but they added humor. Sausage gift to Ms. Ellen….Death: A group of Iraqi swordsmen break into the classroom to capture Ms. Ellen. Ms. Ellen attempts to fight them off and in the process a sword gets flung across the classroom and goes right into Kenny’s head and pins him to the wall.

Secondary Characters (Out of 10) Composite –

Drew – 7.7: Ms. Ellen, Wendy and Garrison do the heavy lifting for the secondary characters

Matt – 9.5: Ms. Ellen, Mr. Garrison, Tom, Chef, Wendy

Total Character Score (Out of 22)

Drew – 16.3 – The characters carried this episode

Matt – 17.5

Composite Character Score – 16.9

Episode Score

Relevance (5) – Composite: .25

Drew – .5: I can find relevance in almost anything but I struggled here outside of the presence of the Iraqi swordsmen

Matt – 0: Lacking

Irreverence (5) – Composite: 1.1

Drew – 1.1: They mocked lesbians, student teacher relationships, and cosmetic surgery

Matt – 1.1: Student-teacher relationship, plastic surgery

Laugh Score (5) – Composite: 2.75

Drew – 3.3: Despite the struggles in the first two categories I laughed a fair amount at some random things. See the discord for pictures.

Matt – 2.2: Boys wanting to become lesbians, Wendy’s montage of Stan puking.

Personal (7) – Composite: 2.9

Drew – 3: Not much sticks with me here besides Garrison’s Hasselhoff face.

Matt – 2.8: Overall this episode made me laugh SOME. Besides that, there just wasn’t much to it. Just one of those episodes that didn’t do it for me.

SP Factor (1) – Composite: 1

Drew – 1

Matt – 0

Total Episode Score (Out of 23)

Drew – 8.7

Matt – 6.3

Composite Episode Score – 7.5

Favorite Quote

Drew – “I have to admit I’m so embarrassed about getting a nose job, Tom. I didn’t want people at school to know so I told them I had herpes.” Mr. Garrison

Matt – “I’m gonna buy a vacuum cleaner, chicks love vacuum cleaners”

Favorite Moment

Drew – Mr. Garrison’s photo shoot

Matt – All of the boys licking the carpet

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 25

Matt – 23.8

Composite 24.4 – Current Rank: 11 of 11

Matt’s Review

This episode all begins with Mr. Garrison not being in class and a substitute filling in for him because he is getting a rhinoplasty. All of the boys fall in love with the substitue, Ms. Ellen. Wendy does not like the fact that Stan falls in love with her. They are all trying to get Ms. Ellen to like them while Wendy is threatening her. Chef takes Ms. Ellen to dinner and discovers she is a lesbian. Then, all of the boys are trying to become lesbians as well. Mr. Garrison gets done with his rhinoplasty and decides to retire. Ms. Ellen takes Stan to dinner because he got the highest grade on the spelling quiz. This is when Stan finds out that they are just friends and he will not get a chance to be in love with Ms. Ellen. After this, Wendy hires Iraqi swordsmen to come capture Ms. Ellen and shoot her in a rocket into the sun.

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