Scoring Explained

There may be some things with our scoring system that you’re not sure about. Here’s a brief explanation of what we are looking for.

Character Score (22 pts total)

Main Characters (3 pts each) – Includes a score for each of the 4 main characters and their roles in the episode.

Secondary Characters (10 pts total) – Scores the role of any non-main characters in the episode.

Episode Score (22 pts total)

Relevance (5) – Is it connected to the time, is it important

Irreverence (5) – Lack of respect for things that are taken seriously

Laugh (5) – How hard we laughed throughout the episode.

Personal Score (7) – Did this episode connect with you? Was it memorable? This is where we score the intangibles of the episode.

South Park Factor (+1 point) – Was this episode everything a South Park episode should be?

Composite Score

Our scores will be added together and averaged for the total score.

*Scoring system is subject to change if required by episode format.

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