2.5 Conjoined Fetus Lady


Conjoined Fetus Lady

Aired: June 3, 1998

You’ve got the strength. You’ve got the courage. Even with a dead fetus on your head. Those words still flow through my head any time I hear the word conjoined or fetus. Another VHS classic that features classic lines and an incredible plot. Both story lines are equal of being their own episode.

The whole concept of school sponsored competitive dodgeball has always been fascinating to me and this is where it all started in my mind. Unfortunately, we live in a world where that would never happen as dodgeball is frowned upon by the people who sucked at it then became important later in life… I digress.

There is a surprising lack of extra information online about this episode. I assumed I’d find some ratings somewhere or read that someone was drastically offended. I’m going to predict that this episode finishes in the top 3 for both Matt and I. It’s not good enough to pass Chickenlover, but I bet it’s close.

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Total Score / Rank

Drew – 41

Matt – 38.1

Composite – Current Rank: 39.55 2/19

Matt’s Review

This episode leads off with the class playing dodgeball in PE. Kyle ends up getting a bloddy nose and has to go to the nurse’s office. Here, he becomes spooked out by the nurse’s conjoined fetus. Kyle’s mom studies about this and educates the boys about what this disorder is and then decides she needs to educate the whole town. Chef learns that the class has been invited to the state championship for dodgeball. They go to the state championship and beat the Denver Cougars. While this is happening, Kyle’s mom has Principal Vicotria, Mr. Garrison and nurse Gollum over for dinner. They decide to hold a week for awareness of Conjoined Twin Myslexia (the nurse isn’t thrilled). The class shows up for the National Dodgeball Championship and the other team forfeits. This is because nobody wants to go play China. They are bred for dodgeball. The town is holding a banquet to award the “Lifetime Conjoined Twin Acheivement Award” and it is given to Nurse Gollum. The boys show up in China and it quickly becomes a blood bath. The announcers are mocking them left and right and they are becoming injured. It then pans back to South Park. The town all puts on Conjoined Twin hats to both support the South Park Cows and make sure that Nurse Gollum “Doesn’t feel like an outcast”. All of the South Park players are out of the dodgeball game except for Pip. The chinese players piss him off and Pip takes out the whole team and South Park wins! However, right before that, Chef decides they are going home and doesn’t care anymore. They get back to South Park to celebrate and this is when Nurse Gollum tells them how she actually feels.

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