2.4 Chickenlover



Aired: May 27, 1998

We’ve finally made it to the stretch of season 2 that I have been looking forward to since we started the show. The next four episodes were all recorded on the holy grail VHS that I have referred to as being so instrumental in my South Park viewing youth. I have seen these next 4 episodes hundreds of time. If I had a friend who had never seen the show before, it was probably one of these episodes they were first exposed to.

Chickenlover holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the episodes that was most quotable amongst my friend group. With the episode being one or Cartman’s iconic roles, there’s a chance I’ve already given him a 3 without even watching it. It’s probably been 10 years since I’ve seen Chickenlover, but I can probably quote it from memory anyway.

Speaking of quotes, our guest on today’s show was well known for being able to sound like the Chickenlover. It was always fun to ask him to break it out at parties and has brought us many laughs over the years. The big question is, does he still have it? Tune in to find out!

Research for this episode shows that this is the first appearance of Stephen Stotch, which I have absolutely no recollection of. It also tells us that, this episode was originally supposed to be called “Chickenfucker” but comedy central did not want profane words in their titles.

Watching at home? Make your own score sheet for yourself at home by using our template here.

Chickenlover Official Score Sheet

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 43.2

Matt – 42.5

Composite – Current Rank: 42.85 1/18

Donovan – 39.9

Matt’s Review

We start off with Mr. Garrison taking the students to the “Booktastic Bus”. The boys decide that reading sucks, and they then hear a chicken. Officer Barbrady is then called to a “crime scene” of someone having sex with a chicken. The suspect leaves a note apologizing and saying it won’t happen again. Barbrady announces that the case is closed and there is “nothing to see here”. The town gets upset because they want justice. Barbrady threatens to arrest and execute them and they all go home. When Barbrady leaves, he starts to notice that he can’t read. He goes to a bank and tries to order food. He then has a press conference and ends up announcing that he cannot read and says that he is retiring. South Park then falls into complete anarchy. The mayor decides that Barbrady needs to learn to read so she sends him back to school. We then get a look into a coop of 3 chickens getting fucked by the chickenlover. The class then has to give book reports. Cartman gets an F and Officer Barbrady ends up getting an A. The mayor threatens to replace Barbrady if he doesn’t learn faster, so he turns the boys into his Deputies. Cartman is tasked with watching out for crime and the other boys are tasked with helping Barbrady solve the Chickenlover mystery. We then get a montage of Cartman solving crime. Barbrady and all of his deputies go to the petting zoo to catch the Chickenlover. They catch the Chickenlover and it turns out to be the Booktastic Bus Driver. Barbrady relieves the boys of they deputy duties because he has learned to read. The town holds a parade to celebrate Officer Barbrady.

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