2.3 Ike’s Wee Wee


Ike’s Wee Wee

Aired: May 20, 1998

This episode is the final episode of the current run of “I have no idea what this is”. I’m making a major assumption here and thinking we will see a lot of Ike in this episode. I know Ike has had very little time in the series up to this point and who doesn’t love Ike?

Upon further review, I have seen this episode before, it was just a long time ago and maybe only once. This episode is where I learned what a bris was. There is a Mr. Mackey story line that is completely lost in my memory.

I know two things, I love Mr. Mackey and I’m a fan of Ike. I expect this episode to be excellent.

Watching at home? Make your own score sheet for yourself at home by using our template here.

Ike’s Wee Wee Official Score Sheet

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 41

Matt – 34.6

Composite – Current Rank: 37.8 4/17

Matt’s Review

This episode leads off with Mr. Mackey teaching the class about how drugs and alcohol are bad. He passes around marijuana so they can see what it smells like. As he continues, the marijuana disappears and does not make it back to him. Mr. Mackey is fired. But, it turns out Mr. Garrison took it, not any of the kids. Mr. Mackey heads to the bar. During this, the boys find out what a bris is and what they are going to do to Ike, they decide they have to stop this. Mr. Mackey is now kicked out of his house because his landlord finds out that he “sold drugs to kids.” Mr. Mackey finds an alley to sleep and ends up trying marijuana. Kyle takes Ike the train station and kicks him onto a train headed for Nebraska. Kyle makes a fake Ike to trick his parents while Ike is in Nebraska. The Ike doll ends up being eaten by a dog and ran over by a truck. Mr. Mackey ends up in the woods and meets some hippies, tries some different drugs and ends up becoming a hippie himself. He ends up meeting a girl. They get married and go on a honeymoon to Africa. Kyle’s parents figure out that Ike is in Nebraska and go there to get him. They find him at a bar and bring him home. Mr. Mackey goes to therapy and gets better. Kyle gets his bris and the boys realize it’s actually not that bad.

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