2.1 Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus


Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus

Aired: April 1, 1998

We are back for season 2! Right out of the gate we are going to get an episode that will challenge our scoring system and what we hope to accomplish with our rankings. I remember little of this episode. Honestly, I’m fairly certain when I’ve seen this on tv before I just skip past it because in my mind it is not a true South Park episode. I’ve never cared for Terrance or Phillip, I don’t find them particularly funny. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that Terrance and Phillip are the South Park of the South Park Universe. That means that some people feel the same way about South Park that I feel about Terrance and Phillip. Those people suck, so I can only conclude that I would suck in the South Park Universe.

This episode was aired by Matt and Trey as a joke on fans when they were expecting the conclusion to the season 1 cliff hanger of who is Cartman’s father. The episode aired on April Fools Day, so it makes sense. We are probably going to have to alter our scoring system for this episode, which is fine. Regardless I don’t expect it to finish with a high score. Maybe the lowest on the list.

My research on the episode shows that reception for the episode was mixed. Some critics deemed it the beginning of the end of South Park while others viewed it as a bold move by Parker and Stone. Within a week of the episode airing Comedy Central received over 2000 complaints from fans. I’m no botanist, but I think South Park came out of it alright.

Two more notes that jumped out to me. According to Wikipedia, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that this episode contains 29 fart jokes in a 22 minute period. Also of note, Canada’s Global Television Network reported no complaints about the episode in the weeks after it aired.

Watching at home? Make your own score sheet for yourself at home by using our template here.

Character Score (Out of 6)

Terrence – Composite: 3

Drew – : 3 – I still can’t tell the difference between the 2

Matt – : 3 – Very similar role as Phillip, main storyline

Phillip – Composite: 3

Drew – : 3 – I still can’t tell the difference between the 2

Matt – : 3 – Very similar role as Terrence, main storyline

Secondary Characters (Out of 10) Composite – 6.55

Drew – : 6.6 – The secondary characters saved the episode the same way T&P saved Canada

Matt – : 6.5 – Scott, Suddam Hussein, Ugly Bob, Celine Dion

Total Character Score (Out of 22)

Drew – 12.6

Matt – 12.5

Composite Character Score – 12.55

Episode Score

Relevance (5) – Composite: 2.8

Drew – : 2.7 – Iraq, the fact that T&P is the South Park of the South Park Universe

Matt – : 2.9 – Saddam Hussein

Irreverence (5) – Composite: 4.05

Drew – : 4.4 – The entire episode was a giant shot at Canadians, and they took it in stride eh?

Matt – : 3.7 – Canadians

Laugh Score (5) – Composite: 4.2

Drew – : 4.5 – A lot of little laughs, subtle things like counting the lines of a haiku.

Matt – : 3.9 – Constant fart jokes with Terrence & Phillip with Scott, Chemical warfare, Roughriders vs. Roughriders

Personal (7) – Composite: 1.1

Drew – : 0.2 – Less than Meh

Matt – : 2 – Meh

SP Factor (1) – Composite: 0.5

Drew – 1

Matt – 0

Total Episode Score (Out of 23)

Drew – 12.8

Matt – 12.5

Composite Episode Score – 12.65

Favorite Quote

Drew – “Iran, Iraq what the hell is the diffence? Relax, Guy!” – Saddam

Matt – “Ugly Bob, your face looks like somebody tried to put out a forest fire with a screwdriver”

Favorite Moment

Drew – T&P Watching South park on American TV

Matt – Terrence and Scott going back and forth calling each other dicks on the phone

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 25.4

Matt – 25

Composite – Current Rank: 25.2 13/14

Matt’s Review

Episode starts with T&P in court going against Scott for murder. They are found not guilty. Scott wants to find a way to get them out of Canda. Saddam Hussein contacts him and says he has a plan. Scott goes along with it. Suddam Hussein comes to Canada and begins to take over. T&P go to Tehran to rescue Terrence’s daughter. They return and notice Suddam Hussein is taking over. Scott provides them with a bomb to blow themselves up and take Suddam down with them. They oblige. T&P come up with a better plan to use chemical warfare and it works. Suddam is killed and Canada is saved.

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