1.10 Damien



Aired: February 4, 1998

Like most episodes in season 1, I remember very little specifically about the episode. I do remember the Damien character from South Park Rally and he was underwhelming at best. I think this may be the episode where they use Jesus as a character more than a quick cameo. Knowing that Damien is the son of Satan I fully expect this episode to mock religion among other things.

Yet another successful episode from the ratings standpoint. This was originally supposed to be the Christmas episode, but Matt and Trey decided to use Mr. Hankey instead. Also of note with this episode, Michael Buffer makes a guest appearance as himself!

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Character Score (Out of 3)

Stan – Composite: 1.75

Drew – 1.9: Stan’s Nancy Kerrigan speech was the highlight of the episode for me. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do much else.

Matt – 1.6: Stan didn’t have too large of a role in this episode. He did give Jesus a speech to get him back into the fight against the devil and he did have his speech toward the end about how kids need security.

Cartman – Composite: 2.7

Drew – 2.6: The Cartman’s birthday party subplot was a great addition to an already irreverent episode. This is our first true look at how selfish and meticulous Cartman can be.

Matt – 2.8: I love Cartman. Him telling people what to get him for his birthday was hilarious and then the way he made fun of Damien and Pip throughout the episode, just very funny and enjoyable

Kyle – Composite: 1.7

Drew – 1.9: Kyle carries the weight of creating the biggest blow up in the show by getting Cartman the wrong gift.

Matt – 1.5: Kyle was not too involved with the overall storyline, but he had a few moments that made me laugh. Such as when he bought Cartman ants in the pants instead of the megaman, I really enjoyed that.

Kenny – Composite: 1.65

Drew – 1.5: Kenny spends the majority of the episode as a duck billed platypus. Platypus Kenny is greater than regular Kenny.

Matt – 1.8: Kenny’s role and death were pretty subtle in this episode…Death: Toward the beginning of the episode, Kenny was turned into a duck billed platypus by Damien. After the fight, Uncle Ned sees him and says “He’s coming right for us!” and shoots him. The rats then come and eat his body.

Secondary Characters (Out of 10) Composite – 9.3

Drew – 9.1: Father Maxi is my favorite secondary in this episode. He basically does everything that a priest shouldn’t do. All of the religion based secondary characters make the episode what it is.

Matt – 9.5: Damien, Mr. Garrison, Pip, Chef, Jesus, Devil, Counselor

Total Character Score (Out of 22)

Drew – 17

Matt – 17.2

Composite Character Score – 17.1

Episode Score

Relevance (5) – Composite: 3.35

Drew – 3.8: Good vs Evil, Bullying in schools, Gambling.

Matt – 2.9: The relevance I saw was how there are spoiled kids out there that act just like Cartman did with his birthday party. I also saw some relevance in the the whole Jesus vs. satan situation which is always a large part of society.

Irreverence (5) – Composite: 4

Drew – 5: This entire episode was making fun of religion which is a hot button issue for a lot of people, so it gets a full 5 from me.

Matt – 3: Mocking religion

Laugh Score (5) – Composite: 3.65

Drew – 4.4: There were few big moments that made me laugh, but there were several small moments that kept me laughing throughout.

Matt – 2.9: I laughed at a lot of the Cartman moments with his birthday and some other lines he had, but there wasn’t much else that truly made me laugh.

Personal (7) – Composite: 3.55

Drew – 3.7: This was the first time I’d ever seen this episode. I loved the concept, but there wasn’t much nostalgia here for me to bask in.

Matt – 3.4: Overall, the episode was decent. It definitely wasn’t spectacular but I enjoyed watching it.

SP Factor (1) – Composite: 1

Drew – 1

Matt – 1

Total Episode Score (Out of 23)

Drew – 17.9

Matt – 13.2

Composite Episode Score – 15.55

Favorite Quote

Drew – “Look it’s that guy from the public access show!” – Father Maxi

Matt – “Oh I remember! I shoved it up my ass! Yes, that’s right. I wrote it out, put it in an envelope, sealed it and then ‘bloop’ shoved it right up my ass, forever ruining any chance you had of coming to my birthday party! Sorry Pip Old Chap.”

Favorite Moment

Drew – Mr. Mackey counseling Damien.

Matt – Cartman opens the Ants in the Pants game and starts beating the shit out of Kyle.

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 34.9

Matt – 30.4

Composite 32.65 – Current Rank: 8/10

Matt’s Review

This episode starts with a new kid, Damien, coming to school at South Park. The kids quickly discover that something is going on. Damien burns all of the playground and continues to say his father is coming. The kids go to Jesus and tell him this. Jesus knows what they are talking about and goes to talk to Damien. Damien summons his father and they schedule a fight. This is essentially the fight between Jesus and satan. After the weigh-in, the entire town places their bets on satan because he is much bigger and stronger. The fight happens and satan throws the fight because he was the 1 person to bet on Jesus. He takes all of his money and returns home much more wealthy. While all of this is going on, Cartman is having his birthday party. Earlier in the episode he had told the kids what presents to buy him. When Kyle doesn’t buy him the right present, he freaks out and makes everyone leave.

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