1.9 Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo


Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo

Aired: December 17, 1997

I’ll go ahead and say it, Mr. Hankey is a South Park legend. The majority of my Mr. Hankey memories come from the musical episode that comes up in a few seasons. While I know I have seen this episode a few times, I’m struggling to remember many of the specifics of it. Since Mr. Hankey is a creation of Kyle’s, I expect this to be a strong episode for Kyle, which at this point he needs a strong episode to establish himself as a character.

As I research this episode I realize I remember it better than I originally thought. This episode has a lot of firsts, most notably the first appearance of my favorite secondary character in the South Park universe, Mr. Mackey. This episode was also one of the most popular episodes of South Park to ever air. In fact it was the fourth highest rated basic cable episode of 1997 per Nielsen.

Finally, in this episode we see Matt and trey flex their musical skills for the first time. We’ve seen plenty of Chef at this point, but this is different. I’ll be interested to see what Matt thinks of this episode as it falls outside of the standard South Park setup.

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Character Score (Out of 3)

Stan – Composite: 1.7

Drew – 1.9: Stan was Stan, but seriously his role was minor but he didn’t hurt the story. In retrospect, I’m probably a little high on his score.

Matt – 1.5: Had little involvement, but still had his speech. According to Drew “Stan was Stan”

Cartman – Composite: 2.9

Drew – 3: Kyle’s mom’s a bitch is a huge part of South Park history. Add in his other contributions and this was a perfect performance.

Matt – 2.8: Makes fun of Kyle being a Jew and constantly mocks his mom for ruining Christmas. Ultra vibe 2000 quote. Kyle mom’s a bitch song.

Kyle – Composite: 2.9

Drew – 3: Kyle sings the Lonely Jew on Christmas, which is also a big part of South Park history. His creation of Mr. Hankey is one of his greatest contributions to the show.

Matt – 2.8: Pretty much the main character and introduces everyone to Mr. Hankey. Lonely jew song. He gets admitted to an insane asylum.

Kenny – Composite: 2.55

Drew – 2.5: Kenny lives! He avoids death a few times throughout the episode and it makes for a good episode.

Matt – 2.6: Catches the bird poop in his mouth.. Death: Didn’t happen!!! But we did get faked out a few times and it made me chuckle

Secondary Characters (Out of 10) Composite – 8.9

Drew – 9.6: The secondary characters were phenomenal throughout. Specifically Mr. Hankey and the constant fighting between Kyle’s mom and Mr. Garrison. Mr. Mackey makes his debut and talks about mookie stinks. Mackey also delivers my favorite quote from this episode.

Matt – 8.2: Mr. Garrison, Officer Barbrady, Mr. Hankey, Kyle’s Parents, Chef, Mayor

Total Character Score (Out of 22)

Drew – 20

Matt – 17.9

Composite Character Score – 18.95

Episode Score

Relevance (5) – Composite: 4.5

Drew – 4.8: Cancel culture before it was cool and everyone in town is offended.

Matt – 4.2: People having different beliefs and being offended by others’ beliefs.

Irreverence (5) – Composite: 4.4

Drew – 4.8: This episode makes fun of religion, Christmas, and clearly mocks the birth of Jesus.

Matt – 4: They hit the whole different beliefs thing hard and made quite a few jokes about it, especially Kyle and his mom.

Laugh Score (5) – Composite: 4.45

Drew – 4.7: I laughed a lot throughout this episode. So many smaller moments that fit together in this episode and make it a true classic.

Matt – 4.2: Cartman’s constant Jew bashing, Mr. Hankey, Kyle’s songs, Chef’s song

Personal (7) – Composite: 6.1

Drew – 6.2: Lot of nostalgia here, not to mention the fact that this episode holds up over time.

Matt – 6: Overall this was a pretty funny episode that I enjoyed. Made me laugh, hit a current topic pretty hard and Kenny didn’t die!

SP Factor (1) – Composite: 1

Drew – 1

Matt – 1

Total Episode Score (Out of 23)

Drew – 21.5

Matt – 19.4

Composite Episode Score – 20.45

Favorite Quote

Drew – “You’re nuttier than Chinese Chicken salad. M’kay. I mean You’re one screwed up little kid.” – Mr. Mackey

Matt – “I’m not fat, I’m festivly plump”

Favorite Moment

Drew – Offensive word experiment

Matt – Kyle’s mom’s a bitch song

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 41.5

Matt – 37.3

Composite 39.4 – Current Rank: 1/9

Matt’s Review

In this episode, we start off with Mr. Garrison directing a Christmas play. Kyle’s mom comes in and gets offended by it because they are jews. This then develops into her going to the mayor and complaining and before we know it, different beliefs and religions are getting offended by various things surrounding Christmas time. While this is going on, Kyle is telling everyone about Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo. Of course, nobody believes him and they think he is crazy. Kyle ends up in an insane asylum because of this.Eventually Mr. Hankey comes to life in front of the whole town and saves the day. Kyle is released from the insane asylum and it all ends happily.

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