1.7 Pinkeye



Aired: October 29, 1997

I feel like a broken record, but I don’t remember much of this episode either. I do know this is the equivalent of a Halloween episode since it was released only days before. I also remember there being some mention of Scott Baio giving one of the boys Pinkeye from a song at some point and that’s literally all I can connect to this episode.

Further research, also known as a stop by Wikipedia, shows that this episode was part of the batch created after Comedy Central decided to pick up the show. The main reaction to the episode was positive but Matt and Trey were not happy with how the episode turned out. Trey and Matt are pretty smart so I’m sure I’ll agree with them.

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Character Score (Out of 3)

Stan – Composite: 2.25

Drew – 1.8: Stan was the focal point of the episode again, he came off a little too whiny for my taste.

Matt – 2.7: Stan came through big in this episode. Him dressing up as Raggedy Ann was funny. His moment at the end talking about family and the true meaning of Halloween when he is clearly describing Christmas.

Cartman – Composite: 2.75

Drew – 2.5: Cartman was irreverent as possible with his halloween costumes.

Matt – 3: Cartman’s constant mocking of Kenny’s family wealth and Stan’s costume. Him dressing up as Hitler and basically looking at him as a role model during a video the principal shows him. Then becoming a KKK member by accident. Just thoroughly a funny episode for Cartman

Kyle – Composite: 2.3

Drew – 1.8: As I go through my notes I have nothing for Kyle, I should have scored him lower. His battles with Cartman are always good though.

Matt – 2.8: I really enjoyed Kyle in this episode. He was the one the took over and called the Worcestershire company and put it together that Kenny had to be killed and actually did it. He also had a few good lines, especially at the end of the show “We can eat it at Cartman’s house and see more naughty pictures of his mom”

Kenny – Composite: 2.45

Drew – 2.1: Zombie Kenny is possibly better than real Kenny.

Matt – 2.8: I actually started off by giving Kenny a close to 0 score when he died at the beginning of the episode and I quickly had to amend that. He played actually quite the major role in this episode and played it well…Death: He died originally at the very beginning of the show. He then came back as a zombie after Worcestershire sauce was accidentally used as embalming fluid. He proceeds to turn the mortician and his assistant into zombies and begins a massive spread of zombies across South Park. Eventually, Kenny is killed by Kyle as he was the original zombie. Kyle does this by using a chain saw and cutting him in half. But that’s still not the end. He comes back at the very end and is stitched up where Kyle cut him. He comes out of the grave and is crushed by a statue and then annihilated by a burning plane.

Secondary Characters (Out of 10)

Drew – 5.9: Outside of Chef I didn’t feel like there was a strong secondary contribution in this episode.

Matt – 8.5: Mr. Garrison, Doctor, Morgue employees, chef, principal Victoria, Wendy, Mayor, Officer Barbrady, All of the zombies

Composite – 7.2

Total Character Score (Out of 22)

Drew – 14.1

Matt – 19.8

Composite Character Score – 16.95

Episode Score

Relevance (5) – Composite: 3.5

Drew – 2.5: The main relevance here was accidental, but since we live in the time of Covid, it was pretty relevant.

Matt – 4.5: Contagious diseases. I wonder how that is relevant… *cough* Corona *cough cough*

Irreverence (5) – Composite: 4.5

Drew – 4.3: Cartman dressing as Hitler and then being changed into a scary “Ghost” set the tone for the episode.

Matt – 4.7: Misdiagnosis is a serious thing in today’s world. In this episode they mock it when the doctor is misdiagnosing everyone with Pink Eye. Cartman’s Hitler and KKK costumes.

Laugh Score (5) – Composite: 3.9

Drew – 3.3: Several good laughs, but ti wasn’t a continuous laugh fest.

Matt – 4.5: I laughed so much at this episode. Cartman making fun of Kenny and Stan, Stan and his Raggedy Ann costume, Cartman being Hitler and a KKK member and many more. Just a purely funny episode.

Personal (7) – Composite: 4.75

Drew – 3: The nostalgia factor was low with this episode and it shows with this score.

Matt – 6.5: Cumulative of everything I described before, I flat out loved this episode. It was constant humor and there’s a reason this is my new top score.

SP Factor (1) – Composite: 1

Drew – 1

Matt – 1

Total Episode Score (Out of 23)

Drew – 14.1

Matt – 21.2

Composite Episode Score – 17.65

Favorite Quote

Drew – “At least my mom’s not on the cover of Crackwhore magazine.” – Stan and Kyle

Matt – “I don’t like Kenny anymore, he just doesn’t communicate” – Cartman

Favorite Moment

Drew – Kenny’s arm falls off in class and Mr. Garrison yells at him and tells him to keep his hands and arms to himself.

Matt – The Worcestershire sauce company telling them to not cut off the heads of the zombies while they are literally murdering the whole town.

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 28.2

Matt – 41

Composite 34.60 – Current Rank: 4/7

Matt’s Review

The main story line of this episode was Kenny becoming a zombie and essentially infecting most of the town of South Park and turning them into zombies as well. This episode was also based around Halloween and they did a good job with using that to help add comedy. Cartman dressed up as Hitler and then the principal accidentally dressed him up as a KKK member. Chef is the one who puts it together that it is not pink eye going around and helps protect the boys. Chef becomes infected and the boys have to call the Worcestershire company on their own and save the town, which the do. They kill Kenny as he was the first zombie and everyone turns back to normal. You’ll see by my scores but I REALLY liked this episode.

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