1.6 Death



Aired: September 17, 1997

Yet another episode that doesn’t stand out as memorable 23 years later. I know Stan’s grandpa is an important part of the episode. I don’t have much of a memory of his importance as a character besides he can’t remember Stan’s name and he wants to die. So in that aspect he’s like most people who get really old and Matt and Trey build the character around those stereotypes.

Digging a little deeper, I discover this is the first appearance of Terrance and Phillip. As a grown man I’m still not sure if I care for Terrance and Phillip. Maybe going back and seeing where they began in the series will help me with that.

Finally, I remember Grandpa Marsh as being the most useless character in South Park Rally. The wheelchair just didn’t get up and go.

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Character Score (Out of 3)

Stan – Composite: 2.5

Drew – 2.3: Once again Stan was center stage with a dilemma. Once again Stan delivered as expected.

Matt – 2.7: Stan has an internal battle the entire episode while being asked by his grandpa to kill him. He asks many people but can’t get any advice or help. He ends up trying to help him and it doesn’t work out. Beyond that he also has a great little speech about how parents need to not use TV as a babysitter and actually care about their lives.

Cartman – Composite: 2.25

Drew – 2: By far his weakest episode thus far. Cartman still delivers some great lines, especially in his fight with grandpa.

Matt – 2.5: This is my lowest score for Cartman so far. That said, it’s still a 2.5. He was still extremely funny and I enjoyed him, just not as much as past episodes.

Kyle – Composite: 1.1

Drew – 1.5: Kyle was almost non-existent in this episode. In true Kyle fashion his score received a big bump from his speech about parents using TV as a baby sitter.

Matt – 0.7: Simply put…Just didn’t do much.

Kenny – Composite: 2.5

Drew – 2.5: This is Kenny’s strongest episode so far. His battle with diarrhea and his big speech at the end were great moments.

Matt – 2.5: Kenny was fighting a case of explosive diarrhea throughout this episode, which added some laughs throughout. There was also a moment when they were talking about parents needing to pay more attention to their kids and not let TV be a babysitter. Kenny gives a speech and Stan says “Yeah good point” but we have absolutely no clue what Kenny said and it was pretty funny….. Death: Death appears when the boys are trying to kill Stan’s grandpa. They think he is there to take Stan’s grandpa but he ends up chasing the boys, but they don’t know that he is only coming for Kenny. The chase pursues. They end up watching Terrence and Phillip together. Terrence and Phillip ends up getting cancelled and death gets mad and kills Kenny. His spirit then floats away with death and the rats come and drag Kenny’s body away.

Secondary Characters (Out of 10)

Drew – 8.1: Grandpa and death were big parts of the episode while the parents were the main point of the subplot. Another appearance by Matt and Trey at the beginning made this a great episode for secondary characters.

Matt – 8.9: Stan’s grandpa, Stan’s parents, Terrence & Phillip, Mayor, Chef, Mr. Garrison, Kyle’s mom, Officer Barbrady, Death

Composite – 8.5

Total Character Score (Out of 22)

Drew – 16.4

Matt – 17.3

Composite Character Score –16.85

Episode Score

Relevance (5) – Composite: 4.85

Drew – 5: The entire episode uses Terrance and Phillip to parallel South Park. The issue of assisted suicide is at the core of the episode and there’s even a little portion that connects on the spread of illness which is incredibly relevant today.

Matt – 4.7: The whole main storyline is about the parent’s trying to stop Terrence and Phillip. Stan even says it straight up that parents need to pay more attention to their kids’ lives and less time letting TV be a babysitter. This is VERY relevant. Assisted suicide.

Irreverence (5) – Composite: 3.75

Drew – 3.5: This episode was a giant “F you” to anyone who doesn’t like South Park.

Matt – 4: I saw this mainly when it came to Stan’s grandpa wanting to die. Unfortunately, elderly people have it tough. Their lives reach a point where they are miserable and this episode touches on that quite a bit.

Laugh Score (5) – Composite: 4.15

Drew – 3.7: Several good laughs throughout the episode, Cartmans fight with Grandpa is one of my favorites.

Matt – 4.6: This episode made me laugh multiple times. With the things Stan’s grandpa says, the flu that goes around, Terrence and Phillip and the parents rioting.

Personal (7) – Composite: 4.85

Drew – 4.6: Not an episode that stuck out in my mind but definitely one I will remember moving forward.

Matt – 5.1: This episode made me laugh multiple times. With the things Stan’s grandpa says, the flu that goes around, Terrence and Phillip and the parents rioting.I really enjoyed this episode and my score reflects that. It had a great stroyline, made me laugh and also had a good message.

SP Factor (1) – Composite: 1

Drew – 1

Matt – 1

Total Episode Score (Out of 22)

Drew – 17.8

Matt – 19.4

Composite Episode Score – 18.6

Favorite Quote

Drew – “You dumbass Cartman, it has to look natural or we’ll all get busted.” – Stan

Matt – “What has America’s youth come to? Kids won’t even kill their own grandparents!” – Grandpa

Favorite Moment

Drew – Recurring joke of the distance of the pole.

Matt – When the South Park parents are launching and killing themselves at the Cartoon Central headquarters and the President of the company decides to stop airing Terrence and Phillip because of the diarrhea they all have and not because of them launching themselves at the building.

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 34.2

Matt – 36.7

Composite – 35.45 Current Rank: 2/6

Matt’s Review

This was a great episode. It has a good storyline regarding both the parents and their issue with Terrence and Phillip and the storyline with Stan and his grandpa. The episode touches on how parents need to not use TV as a babysitter and actually pay attention to their kids’ lives. Also showed the hypocricacy in parents and how they dislike the show, but then also laugh when there is farting in real life. Brings up the whole “Do as I say, not as I do” saying. Stan’s other storyline with his struggle to determine what to do about his grandpa is also interesting. It’s very relatable to how the world is today. The elderly struggle. They are put into nursing homes and forgotten about or at home and just never visited. Obviously this is not true for everyone, but it’s definitely something that the show touched on. Overall, the episode was funny, the storyline was good and just a fun episode to watch and score.

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