1.3 Weight Gain 4000


Weight Gain 4000

Aired: August 27, 1997

In my prep for the last couple episodes I’ve struggled to figure out which episode is truly the third episode. Numerous places online claim that Weight Gain 4000 is the second episode of season 1. On Hulu, and a few other places, Volcano is listed as the second episode. After much research, the real answer? Weight Gain 4000 was the second episode produced, while Volcano was the second episode actually aired. Now you know.

As for my recollections of this episode… there isn’t much. I’ve maybe seen this episode once. I do know we will be “Beefcake!” and that’s about it. I could preview this a little deeper with more research, but I want my experience to be relatively unaltered. – Drew

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Character Score (Out of 3)

Stan – Composite: 1.8

Drew – 2.1: Stan was Stan in this episode. He was by Wendy’s side trying to help her, that’s about it.

Matt – 1.5: Stan had a few good moments, mainly making fun of Cartman, but that was about it.

Cartman – Composite: 2.7

Drew – 2.7: Beefcake! Cartman wasn’t his absolute best but he made the episode memorable.

Matt – 2.7: Cartman, as always, had a pretty good episode. Him thinking he is “bulking up” but in reality is just gaining LOTS of weight is quite funny.

Kyle – Composite: 2

Drew – 2.5: Kyle was a thorn in Cartman’s side ripping on him at every chance he could get.

Matt – 1.5: Kyle also only had a few good moments, also mainly making fun of Cartman, but that was about it.

Kenny – Composite: 2.2

Drew – 1.8: A few timely mumbles gave Kenny a presence in the episode.

Matt – 2.6: Kenny actually had a few moments in this episode where you could pick up what he was saying and it was pretty funny. Mumbles about Cartman’s weight and Kyle says “They’re almost as big as his mom’s” ……………….. Death: Mr.Garrison shoots to kill Kathie Lee Gifford and hits Kenny. Kenny then flies through the air and lands on the spike at the top of the flag pole, he then slides down the flag pole and the flag goes right back up.

Secondary Characters (Out of 10)

Drew – 6.7: Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat did the heavy lifting here. The mayor was her superficial self and Chef saves the secondary characters with a great song about Kathie Lee.

Matt – 5.2: Mr. Hat, Mr. Garrison, Mayor, Chef, Officer Barbrady, Kathie Lee Gifford ———– Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat are the best ones. The mayor was pretty funny at times as well only caring about herself and the town’s appearance. Chef’s song to Kathie Lee Gifford was quite funny as well.

Composite – 5.95

Total Character Score (Out of 22)

Drew – 15.8

Matt – 13.5

Composite Character Score – 14.65

Episode Score

Relevance (5) – Composite: 3.55

Drew – 4.1: Cheating scandals, celebrities, politicians, and the real truth of the towns history. Seemed pretty relevant to me.

Matt – 3: Mayor not caring about anything except the appearance of her and the town with Kathie coming to town.

Irreverence (5) – Composite: 2.6

Drew – 4.7: I gave my highest scores because of how this episode mocks the Kennedy assassination.

Matt – 0.5: The mayor using chef because he is black

Laugh Score (5) – Composite: 2.25

Drew – 3: There were a few great laughs in here. Cartman’s feelings on rainbows, Mr. hat being the catalyst behind the attempted assassination of Kathie Lee, and Kyle ripping on Cartman.

Matt – 1.5: Just not many parts that made me laugh a whole lot. That said, the mocking of Cartman and him thinking he is “beefing up” was quite funny. Mr. Hat getting arrested adding some humor.

Personal (7) – Composite: 2.55

Drew – 3.3: There wasn’t much nostalgia attached here and it showed. It was a solid episode, but I doubt it falls in my top half of all-time.

Matt – 1.8: Decent, but just not that funny of an episode to me. It had it’s moments, which mainly came from Cartman’s weight from the weight gain 4000

SP Factor (1) – Composite: 0.5

Drew – 1: Yes, it was different, it was quirky, it was South Park.

Matt – 1: This episode had it’s moments, but just didn’t do it for me.

Total Episode Score (Out of 22)

Drew – 16.1

Matt – 6.8

Composite Episode Score – 11.45

Favorite Quote

Both – Kyle: “Cartman, you’re such a fat ass that when you walk down the street, people go, ‘God damnit that’s a big fat ass!'”

Favorite Moment

Drew – Throughout the episode no adults care that Cartman won the contest, they just care about Kathie Lee.

Matt – The kids practicing for the play and the pioneers start beating the shit out of the Indians.

Total Score / Rank

Drew – 31.9

Matt – 20.3

Composite – 26.1 Current Rank: 3/3

Matt’s Review

Overall this episode was OK. I think what hurt it’s score for me was the fact that it didn’t make me laugh as much as the other episodes. and my score reflects it. Cartman still had a pretty good episode, as always. The mayor again had an episode where all she cared about was the appearance of herself and the town, which always adds some funny moments here and there. The other good parts of this episode came from Kyle and Stan making fun of Cartman’s weight because of the weight gain 4000. I enjoyed the fact that there were a few moments where you could obviously imply what Kenny is saying, that adds some humor. Again, the episode was OK.

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